About Our Custom Care Process

Amber Home Healthcare has a four-step process to begin and monitor the care for your loved one.

  1. The Initial Call and Meeting
  2. The Custom Care Plan
  3. Caregiver Matching
  4. Care Supervision

The Initial Call and Meeting

From the moment you call us, we begin considering your specific needs. During this initial call, we ask questions to initiate a basic needs assessment.

We will also set up an in-home visit with you and other family members, as well as the individual who may ultimately benefit from our in-home care. The purpose of this meeting is to gather more information, answer questions you may have, and increase your understanding of how we can help.

The Custom Care Plan

With the information acquired during our initial meeting, and more follow-up visits as necessary, we develop a Custom Care Plan, which offers detailed recommendations specifically tailored to your loved one’s needs. Please see our care services for a list of services that we offer.

Caregiver Matching

Once you have approved the Custom Care Plan, we begin our care giver-recipient matching process for the most appropriate caregiver to implement care. Our system for matching caregivers to clients considers factors such as services needed, your loved one’s interests, and the personalities of both your loved one and the caregiver.

If, for any reason, you feel the caregiver is not compatible, we will promptly provide a replacement.

Care Supervision

Our caregivers are carefully screened through an extensive interview process, which includes background checks and reports of previous work experience. We also provide specific training to ensure that our caregivers will be qualified to deliver the care as set out in your Custom Care Plan. We also make certain that the caregiver is bonded and insured.

Personal attention and a commitment to quality care is the primary goal of our staff. Once the program begins, our caregivers keep extensive notes about the care they provide. The information becomes a part of your loved one’s file, and a copy of these notes is also kept at your loved one’s home to be available to you at any time. In addition, Amber Home Healthcare service quality and compliance assurance (supervisory or management) team members make regular unannounced visits to homes to ensure that caregivers are adhering to the Custom Care Plan.

Our billing system also provides a detailed description of services and care.

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